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Chain Size & Buying Guide

What Length chain should I buy?
Our standard chain that comes free with most small pendants is 18 in and is the standard length that will fit most women. For Children under 12 years old 14 in chain is recommended we can replace our standard free chain for a 14 in chain if required. Please just email us at
In the past, the UK standard size chain was 16 in and many Customers still purchase this size chain we would only recommend this for very petite women or as a Customer preference.
24 inch generally sits around the Breast bone and 30 inches is around mid-length on the body. 
What type of chain do I require?
For small pendants any chain width is suitable.
For any gemstone pendant most Customers purchase a 1mm snake chain however any 1mm  chain is suitable.
For large pendants a minimum 1.5 mm snake chain is recommended.
For a  30in  we recommend the use of a curb or belcher for anything over 24 inches.
How do I look after my chain?
Snake chains will become kinked if bent beyond their nature shape we recommend that they are stored in as straight position and not worn to bed at night.
Silver will tarnish over time and this process is quicker if exposed to the air. Should your jewellery become tarnished clean using a silver cloth.